Student loan repayments fall into black hole

Thousands of graduates are concerned that their student loan payments will delay in the disappearance of payments HM Revenue & Customs by Student Loans Company CAFE.

A medical student who graduated in 2005 with a loan is relatively small, began immediately by salary deductions to pay by payroll taxes. He said. “I rarely get statements of the Student Loans Company, but this year if I have a summary of my payments was published last year. I was worried that most of my payments were not recognized n was a deficit of around 2,000.

“I spoke with friends who have experienced the same problem. It seems that HMRC are subtracting money, but they do not go to the Student Loans Company very quickly at all. Last year I paid income tax on 3000, 1000, but only appeared on my bank account in the framework of payments from HMRC for the period 06/04/2009 to 05/04/2010 “vote received.” Scandalous that the SLC to borrow money and HMRC are making money with my money.”

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